Officially, I’m a library director in a tiny little NH town (a job I love whole-heartedly) where I live with my husband (aka “The Man”) and my two daughters. I read a lot, and I love to share my reviews and recommendations. You can find them here on my book review blog, Stuff I Read.

I also operate a little Etsy shop called ConstantlyAlice, named after my grandmothers Constance and Alice, where I sell vintage and handmade jewelry and accessories with a literary twist. You can find my shop here.

Is that all?

Nope. I’m also a little ( teeeeny) bit obsessed with learning ALL THE THINGS. So I’ve started a blog where I will document my journey to learn a new skill every 30 days for a year. You can follow my progress on my blog. If you would like to suggest something for me to try, send me a message here! (Keep in mind, at under 5′, my jump shot is just never gonna happen..)

Oh. I’m also writing a book. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Thanks for joining me on my adventures, I’m happy to have you along for the ride!

  My grandmothers Constance and Alice.