General Questions


  • What is ConstantlyAlice? ConstantlyAlice is my shop! I sell art and vintage and handmade items inspired by my love of literature. You can learn more about the shop here.
  • Do you take custom requests? Yes! I’m happy to work with you to create something that is unique.  You can find my custom item request form here.

Danielle of all Trades

  • What is “Danielle of all Trades”? Danielle of all trades is my current adventure! I’m planning to learn one new thing every 30 days for a year beginning in January 2019. You can join me by suggesting a skill for me to learn here, and following my progress on my blog!

Stuff I Read

  • What is “Stuff I Read”?  One of my FAVORITE responsibilities as a library director is suggesting and recommending new books to my library patrons. In an effort to always have an answer to “what should I read?”, I try to read one to two books a week at minimum. Stuff I Read is my opportunity to review these books and process my thoughts about them (and also to keep track of what I read!)
  • Can you recommend a book for me? I would be delighted to! Just message me using this link and let me know what books are your favorites and I will happily suggest a new read!

Other Stuff

I occasionally take on freelance work assisting with logo and marketing material designs and helping to launch Etsy shops for new businesses. If you’d like more info and want to see some of my work, click here.

About that book…

I do, indeed, have 2 books in the works. One is fiction, one is a personal style DIY book. As I have more info available (and become a bit braver 😉 ) I will start sharing some of the details on my blog!