What Would Rosie Wear?

He was prepared to continue his rant, but stopped abruptly at the sight of Rosie in her knee-length paisley dress. Her messy brown hair slipping out of a loosely tied braid. Her bangs that nearly hid the curvature of her thick eyebrows. The flower-stained gloves that were comically too large for her undoubtedly tiny hands at the end of her tiny wrists. Her petite bones. The slight scoop of her nose. Her freckles. The way the corners of her eyes turned down. The way she jaggedly swayed her hips and hummed the tune of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley’s “Leather and Lace.” The way she radiated.

Brianna Wolfson, Rosie Colored Glasses

One of my favorite things about reading is imagining how the characters would look and sound. (It’s one of the main reasons I often find movies based on books so disappointing!)

After reading Rosie Colored Glasses, the title character really stuck with me. Partly because I felt like we had a lot of common quirks and traits, and partly because I felt like I wished I could be her friend.

The style collage pictured above is how I would imagine Rosie’s favorite outfit. You will find more of these on the blog as I become inspired by different characters in some of my favorite books. You can find the details of where to shop for these items here.

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