Danielle of all Trades


I’m a doer, DIY-er, a dabbler and a collector of skills. I love learning how to do something new, but I rarely have an organized plan. I typically begin with a book, which often leads to other books, then YouTube, online classes, and finally trying my new skills out until I’ve mastered them and then ON TO THE NEXT!

Sometimes a skill is prompted by my compulsion to understand how things work, sometimes it’s a cost saving measure, and on many occasions it’s just because I see something I like and want to be able to recreate it on my own.

I’ve decided, in an effort to challenge myself and expand my range a bit, I will focus on learning a new skill every 30 days for a year, beginning on my birthday (which, coincidentally, happens to be the start of a new year.) I want YOUR input. Use the form below to tell me what skills you think I should learn! I will compile all the information I receive and (factoring in time and finances) create a list of 12 skills I will learn beginning 1/1/2019. Then you can follow along on my blog under the tag “Danielle of all Trades”.

I can’t wait to read your ideas and suggestions…annnnnnd…GO!